Car history report with VIN number lookup tool

mercedes-vin-plate-exampleToday I would like to write on a very interesting topic. As you aware, VIN code of a car is a vehicle identification number, which is a unique serial number. It is used to identify vehicles worldwide. Decoding VIN, especially free a very important thing for the modern motorist. Learn the characteristics of the vehicle, if there are several options in terms of the power of the engine, it is problematic. Without proper information or experience is not difficult to make a mistake when buying a car, and the selection of auto parts. VIN Decoding on our site will give you the necessary information about your vehicle, the engine code, country of origin, and more. When using the section Decoding VIN, you’re in for a few seconds and is absolutely free information about your car. A huge database of VIN, the most complete information and as soon as possible of any cars and trucks. Even after 10-20 seconds, you will be able to inform the seller of the engine code, modified, and other data necessary for the purchase of spare parts through the online store. All you need – is to enter Vin vehicle code in the box and click on the “Check VIN”. By the way, there’s a free VIN number lookup service designed to help car fans and owners to decode their numbers.

This code uses only letters and Arabic numerals:

1) The numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2) Letters A B C D E F G H J K L M N P R S T U V W X Y Z

VIN code is divided into three parts:

– WMI (World Manufacturers Identification) – a global manufacturer index (represented by 3 characters, and uniquely identifies the manufacturer of the car. The first character – the geographical area, the second – the country in this area, and the third – the vehicle manufacturer.

– VDS (Vehicle Description Section) – narrative (it consists of 6 characters, and describes the characteristics of the vehicle. The sequence of characters defined by the manufacturer. As a rule, here incorporated data model TC, type of body, engine and other.

– VIS (Vehicle Identification Section) – a distinctive part (consisting of 8 characters who complete VIN. The last 4 characters are always digits only. Usually, the first character of VIS (the tenth character VIN) contains information on the model year of the vehicle. The second character VIS (the 11th character VIN) contains data on the car manufacturer).

Next time I want to cover different topics regarding the process of validation of the codes. Leave your comments and let me know what else would you like to know.